A Celebration of Dr. Vassileva's Chair for Women in Science and Engineering, which ended on September 1, 2011, will be held on August 21, 2012. Here is the program of the event. Here is the list of attendees.

The new Prairies Chair is Dr. Annemieke Fahrenhorst from the University of Manitoba. Congratulations!

Most of the projects that Dr. Vassileva started as a Chair have been sustained.

  • The Science Ambassador Program is now hosted by the College of Arts and Science, Science Outreach Office. Here is the contact.
  • The Saskatchewan Science Network continues out of the College of Engineering Outreach Office. Here is the contact.
  • The MyWISEMentor program is dormant, but will be soon revived, possibly in combination with WISETales, as a part of a graduate student project.. Check for news soon!
  • The WISEBlog is still updated (but less frequently) by Julita.
  • The Canadian Women in Computer Science (ACM-W) website is still maintained by Dr. Vassileva, but she has no longer resources to update the database with members and is looking for a volunteer to take it over. Please, contact her if you are interested!
  • Further results of studies of female students' perception of the atmosphere in school and at work are posted in the section "Articles" on the left