Technical Report UoS 2011 Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes in Pursuit of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering: Gender Differences by Shannon Ellis, Farzana Karim-Tessim, Wendy Sharpe, Kristina Rabyj, and Julita Vassileva.

Technical Report 2011 (published at the ICWES'2011 Conference, Adelaide, July 2011) Perceptions and Experiences of the Workplace among Canadian Computer Science and Engineering Students – A Gender Analysis, by Fender, Jennifer, Davidson, Valerie, Vassileva, Julita, Ghazzali, Nadia and Croft, Elizabeth

Technical Report-UoGuelph-2009 (published at the Promethea Conference, Paris, 2009) Defining Equity Indicators for Benchmarking Women's Participation in Science and Engineering Faculties across Canada, by Quosai, Trudy Smit; Davidson, Valerie; Ghazzali, Nadia; Moloney, Cecilia; Vassileva, Julita

Report to CCWE +20 by Ghazzali, Nadia; Davidson, Valerie; Vassileva, Julita; Croft, Elizabeth (2011-06-19)


Regional CWSE Newsletter - 2010 by Moloney, Cecilia; Condon, Anne; Davidson, Valerie; Vassileva, Julita; Ghazzali, Nadia (2011-06-07)

Regional CWSE Newsletter - 2008 by Davidson, Valerie; Vassileva, Julita; Ghazzali, Nadia; Moloney, Cecilia; Condon, Anne (2011-06-07)

Regional CWSE Newsletter - 2006 by Moloney, Cecilia; Davidson, Valerie; Vassileva, Julita; Condon, Anne (2011-06-07)

Provenance of Canadian Female Faculty and Instructors in Computer Science by Wendy Sharpe and Julita Vassileva in 2009. This small study aimed to find out where the Canadian female faculty and instructors have obtained their education (High-school diploma, BSc, MSc or equivalent, PhD) in order to see if there is any significant pattern.

Summary of the Results of the March-April 2006 study of Attitudes and Climate for Pursuing Science and Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan.

Reflections from attending the CCWESTT Conference in Calgary, June 20-24, 2006, by Heather Rodger, MSc student and part time Research Engineer in the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Saskatchewan.