Objectives of the NSERC Chairs on Women in Science and Engineering
(from http://www.nserc.ca/programs/wise_e.htm )
  • Develop, implement, and communicate strategies to raise the level of participation of women in science and engineering as students and as professionals, specifically to:
    • encourage female students in elementary and secondary schools to consider careers in science and engineering;
    • increase the enrolment of women in undergraduate and graduate programs in science and engineering in all Canadian universities and colleges;
    • increase the profile and retention rate of women in science and engineering positions;
    • eliminate barriers for women who wish to pursue careers in science and engineering; and
    • promote the integration of female students and professionals both within and outside academia.
  • Provide female role models who are accomplished, successful, and recognized researchers in science and engineering.
  • Develop and implement a communication and networking strategy to ensure a regional and national impact on opportunities for women in science and engineering.