Presentations, Reports and Videos

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(August 31, 2011): 2011 Science Ambassador Annual Report is available upon request from Dr. Vassileva. It is a very large file (41 MB!).

(January 5th ,2011): Facts, statistics, and comments from students regarding CONNECTED 2010

(September 12th, 2010): Science Ambassador Video

(September 12th ,2010): Teacher and Student Survey Outcomes: Results of the Science Ambassador Program

(August 20th, 2010): 2010 Science Ambassador Annual Report

(March 23,24 & 25 2010): Keeping the Momentum Going: A Forum for Ontario First Nations Health Human Resources: Poster Presentation

(March 4,2010): Aboriginal Achievement Week 2010: Aboriginal Research Display

(December 15, 2009): 2009 Science Ambassador Annual Report

(Nov 12, 2008): Grace Hopper 2008 Panel on European Women in Science and Engineering (with Wendy Hall, Reyyan Ayfer and Aurora Vizcaino)

(March 24, 2008): Gender Trends Analysis of Science and Engineering Enrolment at the UofS: 2001-2007

(March 15, 2008): Representation of Women in Science and Engineering in Canada and Europe

(February 18, 2008): Science Outreach for Girls: Some Strategies

(January 31, 2008): Gender Differences in Communication Styles

(October 5, 2007:)Science Ambassadors: A New Science Outreach Approach for Aboriginal Students

(November, 2006) Vive la Difference: Women in Academia

(August 20, 2006:) Summary of the Results of the March-April 2006 study of Attitudes and Climate for Pursuing Science and Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan.

(May, 2006) IT-the Master Key for Success